Programs and Services

Conduct Records Release

Many graduate and professional schools, employers, and study abroad programs require that students obtain certification from Oklahoma State University that the student is in good standing, is not under restriction or probation, or has never had any major violations of the Student Code of Conduct. These are sometimes called "Dean's Certification," "Judicial Record," or "Record Release." The requesting institution might suggest that you contact the Dean of Students, the Student Conduct office or another place. Student Conduct Education and Administration processes all requests for conduct record certification.

Admission Clearance

Prospective students who have felony criminal history, suspended or expelled from a previous institution, or are required to register with local law enforcement are required to be cleared by Student Conduct Education and Administration before admission can be considered under normal academic criteria. In order to determine whether or not an admission clearance is warranted, Student Conduct will individually review each situation.

Back on TRAC

The Back on TRAC (BOT) program is a collaborative campus approach that uses a community drug court model to address alcohol and drug issues among students. Students who are facing suspension from Oklahoma State University or removal from the residence halls or from fraternity/sorority housing for alcohol and/or drug incidents may be eligible for participation in the program. As a condition for remaining in school or in housing, students must apply, be accepted to, and successfully complete the program, or suspension and/or housing removal will be enacted.

What Would Pete Do?

For years, Pistol Pete has heroically represented Oklahoma State University to people throughout the nation. Whether it is in Boone Pickens Stadium, historical Gallagher-Iba Arena or even in a town as lawless as Norman, Pistol Pete stands up for the principles of Oklahoma State University. Like any other Cowboy, Pete knows that to stand up for OSU’s principles, he has to follow these Cowboy Community Standards: Integrity, Community, Social Justice, Respect and Responsibility. So, What Would Pete Do?

Cowboy Up!

Student Conduct Education and Administration can come speak to your class or organization regarding Bystander Intervention and the 4 Ds, and teach you tips and trips for intervention.

Outreach Presentations

Student Conduct Education and Administration conducts outreach presentations on various topics to classes, organizations, student groups, university departments, faculty and administrators.


S.M.A.R.T. is a campaign that encourages those who are legal to drink to do so responsibly by: Setting and knowing your limits, Making a plant before hand, Appointing a sober driver, Being responsible means over 21, and Thinking before you drink.

21st Birthday

Many 21st birthday traditions can be risky and dangerous. Avoid these traditions to have a safe birthday.

Fraternity and Sorority Conduct History

Visit this link to access the conduct history of the currently recognized fraternities and sororities.