Participant Guide

Sometimes students involved in the student conduct process do not feel comfortable asking the Student Conduct Office for advice or explanations. The Student Conduct office can provide explanations about the conduct process but they are limited on the amount of assistance they can provide when it comes to preparing for a hearing, as the Student Conduct office has to remain unbiased and ensure equity for all parties. 
Participant guides will provide free, private consultations to students in the conduct process that will aid students in preparing for conduct committee hearings. It is important that students are supported, provided direction, and feel they have someone they can talk to and process their statement and responses with before participating in the student conduct hearing. 

The role of the Participant Guide includes the following: 

  • Answer questions about the conduct process and how students should best prepare for their role in the process 
  • Review and clarify the meaning of policy violations at issue
  • Review due process rights and the standard of evidence utilized
  • Discuss hearing procedures
  • Listen to students and assist them in expressing themselves clearly and concisely
  • Guide students in the development of their statements to be used during a hearing
  • Provide moral support during a hearing – Guides are not to be utilized as participating advisor during the hearing process 
  • Provide information about resources on campus and in the community to assist students as they addressing concerns of with stress and self-care 
  • Provide support and direction to the student

Guides should not:

  • Do all the work for the student
  • Advise the student not to participate in the process
  • Speak for the student during the hearing
  • Provide legal advice
  • Provide counseling or survivor advocacy

Participant Guides are expected to adhere to the following:

  • Attend four hours of training in September 
  • Commit 1-2 hours per month for meetings with students
  • Receive support from your direct supervisor in order to adhere to these time commitments
  • Handle sensitive and confidential information

Participant Guides can expect the following from Student Conduct Education and Administration:

  • Comprehensive training  on the conduct committee hearing process and how to support students experiencing the process 
  • Support when dealing with sensitive issues, as well as answers to questions 
  • Information and resources that may be appropriate for students going through the student conduct process 
  • Communication about a potential pairing with a student 
This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for new opportunities to help students who may be in need of extra support during a stressful time. Employees of Oklahoma State University are eligible to participate in this program. 
Apply for the Participant Guide online - applications are due August 25, 2017.

Fall 2017 Training Dates

Tuesday, September 5, 2-4pm: Foundations Training (only need to attend one Foundations Training)
Sunday, September 17, 1-3pm: Foundations Training (only need to attend one Foundations Training)
September TBA: Participant Guide Training
Wednesday, September 27, 3-5pm: Mock Hearing (optional)