Requesting a Participant Guide

What is a Participant Guide?

  • A participant guide is an employee of Oklahoma State that does not work in the Student Conduct Office. Participant Guides will provide free, private consultations to students in the conduct process that will aid students in preparing for conduct committee hearings.

Why should I use a Participant Guide?

  • It is important that students are supported, provided direction, and feel they have someone they can talk to and process their statement and responses with before participating in the conduct committee hearing.

What can I expect to from a Participant Guide?

  • Answer questions about the conduct process and how students should best prepare for their role in the process.
  • Review and clarify the meaning of policy violations at issue.
  • Review due process rights and the standard of evidence utilized.
  • Discuss hearing procedures.
  • Listen to you and assist you in expressing themselves clearly and concisely.
  • Guide you in the development of your statements to be used during a hearing.
  • Provide moral support during a hearing – Guides are not to be utilized as participating advisor during the hearing process.
  • Provide information about resources on campus and in the community to assist you with addressing concerns of with stress and self-care.
  • Provide support and direction.

What can a Participant Guide not do?

Participants guides will not do the following

  • Do all the work for the student
  • Advise the student not to participate in the process
  • Speak for the student during the hearing
  • Provide legal advice
  • Provide counseling or survivor advocacy

How do I get in touch with a Participant Guide?

  • Please contact the Student Conduct Office to be paired with a Participant Guide.
  • You will need to give at least weeks’ notice before meeting a Participant Guide, so please be sure to plan ahead and be prepared for your meeting.
  • Once a pairing takes place, students will be responsible for scheduling a meeting with their Participant Guide.